Na Bi Gòrach

Don't Be Foolish

Port Righ have recorded their first album: Na Bi Gòrach. It is a collection of mostly Scottish tunes, with a few originals and a sea shantey thrown in for additional spice.

While known for Celtic harp, shuttle pipe, and singing, Port Righ has expanded their horizons by including several selections with English concertina and one with Ugandan drum. The closing track, a lullaby, is played on the Highland bagpipe.

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Throughout...Port Righ's masterful debut release...we are treated to not only some of the most beautiful, enthralling, and inspirational combinations of harp and bagpipes/concertina that Scottish music has to offer, but we are also reminded of the history that is represented within every note.

If I had to pick a favorite, I would have to say that "Island Babes Set: Morag of Dunvegan/Mairi's Wedding" really makes you want to kick up your heels and celebrate. This song subliminally calls out, Drink and Be Merry!

It's not every day that you can put on an album, close your eyes and actually feel like you're somewhere else, some other time.
Brian Ball, Music Editor, Women's Radio

cover of Na Bi Gòrach

Track listing:

Port Righ backstage at the American Music Festival, 2006 Jo Morrison: Celtic harp, electric harp, vocals, Ugandan drum
Wayne Morrison: shuttle pipe, Highland bagpipe, vocals, English concertina

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To order Na Bi Gòrach, send check or money order to:
 Jo Morrison
 2537 Marston Rd.
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Recording Info

Produced by Heidi Gerber and Jo Morrison.
Engineered by Heidi Gerber at All Access Audio, Inc.
Mastering by Charlie Pilzer, Airshow Mastering

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Artwork, layout, and packaging for Na Bi Gòrach by
Jo Morrison.
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